Four qualities of the perfect croissant

Who doesn’t love the taste of a delicious, warm, fresh-baked croissant? It goes perfectly with nearly anything. For breakfast, it can be paired with jams or preserves. For lunch, you might want it wrapped around turkey and Swiss or ham and cheddar. And for supper is can be the perfect bread companion for your entrée. 

But making the perfect croissant can be a little tricky. So the folks here at Sweet Melissa Patisserie wanted to give you 4 ways to tell when yours is there:

1. Layered and Puffy

Chocolate stuffed croissant

The French term Feuilleté refers to folding dough several times in order to create multiple layers. The air between the layers then works to produce the round, puffy appearance which occurs during baking.

2. Crisp and Crunchy

There should be a layer of crust on top that crunches ever so slightly when you bite into it. If it’s spongy and soft, it may not have enough butter or may have not been cooked long enough.

3. Buttery and Golden Brown 

This ingredient can take a regular croissant and kick it up to the next level. Parisian croissants always have plenty of butter blended in with the pastry. In fact, some French bakers use up to 55% by weight in the dough.

4. Flaky and Crumbly

A true, French croissant should cause little crumbles and flakes to fall to your plate when you tear it open. As butter bakes into each layer of the dough, it hardens inside the inner folds. That helps you to know that it is baked properly.

If you love the taste of a warm, fluffy, and perfect croissant but simply don’t have the time to make them yourself, stop by Sweet Melissa Patisserie and let us do the work for you. You can find us at 56 Payne Road in Lebanon. You can also reach us at 908-323-2460.