Best Pastry & Coffee Combinations

It’s no secret that coffee and pastries are the perfect pairings. Whether you enjoy coffee and pastries for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon pick me up, these are some of the best pastry and coffee combinations:

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If your go-to drink is a cappuccino, try ordering this coffee with a sugar cookie. Cappuccinos are elegant and strong in flavor, while sugar cookies are buttery and nostalgic. Not only do these flavors pair well together, but you can even dunk your sugar cookie in your cappuccino for a little extra flavor.

If you’re not big into caffeine, but you enjoy visiting coffee shops, you’ve probably tried a chai latte. This tasty beverage combines sweetness with spiciness, which tastes delicious alongside banana bread.

Whether it’s a hot day or you just prefer your coffee cold, a cold brew goes well with a scone. Cold brew coffee is less acidic than normal drip coffees, which is lighter on the stomach. You can pair a cold brew with a scone in any flavor for a tasty treat.

Muffins are comforting and sweet, perfect for breakfast. Blueberry muffins are a favorite among many for their moist texture and fruity flavor. If you love blueberry muffins, try pairing the food with a not-too-sweet cafe latte. The slight sweetness of the cafe latte is brought out with the sugar-crusted blueberry muffin for a delicious early-morning meal or mid-day snack.

If you enjoy European-inspired meals, a plain croissant is probably your go-to pastry. This flaky pastry matches well with a cafe mocha. The creamy chocolate and rich flavors of cafe mochas are the ideal contrast for the croissant.

Love lemons? A lemon bar is a sweet and zesty pastry with a buttery shortbread crust. Lemon and coffee are a classic pairing, and the creaminess of a macchiato brings out the tang of lemon perfectly.

Did you know danishes aren’t actually from Denmark? The pastry is called “danish” in the states because they look like traditional Viennoiserie pastries. Regardless of where they get their name, cheese danishes are delicious. The rich flavor of a cheese danish pairs well with the bold flavors of an Americano. If bold and rich coffee is your style, try the Americano and cheese danish pairing the next time you visit a coffee shop.

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