Tips and Tricks for Properly Cutting a Round Cake

While the basics of mealtime etiquette are known to almost everyone, every item you eat and utensil you use has its own set of practical procedures. Everything has a purpose. Among the mealtime traditions that you might not be aware of, the proper way to cut a round cake might be one of them. While cutting a cake might appear to be a rather rudimentary mealtime tradition, there’s a right and wrong way you perform it. 

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Latte or Cappuccino Lover?

Coffee can get complicated. There are countless types of roasts, blends, and recipes out there. So, are you a latte lover or cappuccino enthusiast?

When you head to your local coffee shop, you will probably notice lattes and cappuccinos on the menu. These espresso drinks are delicious, but what’s the difference between them?

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