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Welcome to New Jersey's best bakery! The charming little cafe, with its delectable French-inspired cakes, pastries, tarts, and cookies. The bakery is small and country-cute, with croissants, tarts, donuts, and other items beckoning sinfully behind display cases. The selection is not expansive, but quality, not quantity, is the byword here.

The Sweet Melissa Baking Book


The Sweet Melissa Baking Book: Recipes from the Beloved Bakery for Everyone's Favorite Treats

Everyone has a favorite sweet treat. Whether it’s a delicious brownie or the perfect mouthwatering chocolate chip cookie, simple, homespun treats are some of our most beloved. Melissa Murphy has a love of desserts that started when she was born on Thanksgiving Day—her mother refused to go to the hospital until the two pies she’d baked had been served.

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Sweet Melissa Patisserie (est. 1998) is a French-influenced bakery and café where all of the baked goods and savory offerings are made from scratch and rolled by hand. The quality of the delicious croissants, danish, pies, cookies, cakes and tarts is evident, as only the finest quality ingredients are used.

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