Tips and Tricks for Properly Cutting a Round Cake

While the basics of mealtime etiquette are known to almost everyone, every item you eat and utensil you use has its own set of practical procedures. Everything has a purpose. Among the mealtime traditions that you might not be aware of, the proper way to cut a round cake might be one of them. While cutting a cake might appear to be a rather rudimentary mealtime tradition, there’s a right and wrong way you perform it. 

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No Triangles! 

This is the cardinal sin of round cake cutting. And according to culinary experts, this happens all too often. Round cakes tend to be immaculate in their presentation, and as such, cutting into them without smearing the frosting or ruining the design should always be the top priority. Cutting the cake in a correct fashion will help maintain the integrity of the design and keep its presentation from being shamelessly ruined due to the overzealousness of a hungry mouth and a triangle cut. 

The Correct Way to Cut 

If you’ve been guilty of committing the cardinal sin of cake-cutting, fear not. We’re here to absolve you of your past transgressions and allow you to start fresh by teaching you the proper way to do so. 

The first step to proper cake cutting is to know where to make the first incision. Start out by cutting right down the middle. This will preserve the presentation of the multiple layers of the cake in question. Next, cut a parallel line to the cut you’ve just made. Now, you can enjoy this cross section that you’ve just made. 

Next, you’ll want to take both remaining halves and push them together. This keeps the cake in its original round formation, thus keeping it a round cake. Now, take a rubber band (if you so choose), and place it around the entirety of the cake.

The next day, cut the cake into fourths. and make two more slices down the middle just like you did the day before. Cutting the cake from the halves and center will keep the entirety of the cake intact and keep bread, frosting, and layers perfectly intact for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Now that you know how to cut a round cake like a professional, you’ll have trouble being the life of the party the next time the opportunity arises. 

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