Utilizing Granola in Your Home

For many years, the word “granola” has been synonymous with terms such as “healthy” and “Low-calorie.” While you might not think of the healthy substance on a regular basis, the uses for it are many and we’ve decided to compile a list of uses that are healthy, nutritious, and can be attempted by anyone, regardless of culinary skill. While these can be eaten by anyone, we’ve included some kid-friendly tips to get them started on good eating habits. 

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Baked Goods for Breakfast 

Remember the anecdote of the father who gave his children chocolate cake for breakfast because the ingredients included milk and eggs? While we wouldn’t recommend this for daily consumption, we DO advise that including some granola in some baked goods like pancakes and muffins. 


If you’re trying to stay away from bacon bits and croutons in your evening salad, consider tossing some granola bits in for that satisfying crunch and dietary fiber!

Granola-Infused Trail Mix

Trail mix has long been a favorite of kids, adults, and people who love to go exploring. Rather than spend money on the expensive batches, try making your own at home! Granola, cranberries, chocolate chips, peanuts, and candies will make for a good combination that will keep those who partake coming back for more. 


Some of the most finnicky easters in the world are children. (Shocking, right?) Getting them to eat healthy sometimes seems like it exists within the realms of impossibility. Luckily, some trickery will get them begging for more. Oatmeal cookies with some granola and chocolate chips mixed in will taste good and give them the nutrition they try so hard to avoid. 


Who doesn’t love peanut bitter and jelly? This tried and tested sandwich combination is a winner every time and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy one. To mix things up, use creamy peanut butter and sprinkle some granola in as a substitute for peanuts. Your kids won’t be able to tell that they’ve been blindsided by wholesome dietary fiber. 

Sweet Melissa Patisserie 

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