Tips For Ordering a Custom Cake

One of the most important elements guests look forward to at an event is the cake. With all that goes into planning an event, ordering a custom cake shouldn’t add to your stress. Here are some tips to make your next cake ordering experience an easy one. 

Information is Key 

You’ll have plenty of ideas for your custom cake before you contact your baker. 

It’s important to give as much information as possible to help make your vision come to life. A simple guideline to follow is to think of your theme or idea first, then plan the following details. Flavors and colors will probably come next. 

You should let your baker know how many guests will be attending your event and the date that your cake will be needed so there won’t be any hiccups. It may also be helpful to bring some references to your baker to help give them a better idea of what you’re expecting. If you’re as thorough as possible you’ll be happy with the result! 

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to order your custom cake. Waiting too long may result in not being able to get your cake for your special event due to most bakeries being very busy. If your event is during the holiday season you may want to give yourself even more time to plan. Bakeries want you to have the best care possible so they all take time to prepare, even smaller cakes. All cakes take a lot of attention and care so it’s best to start planning with your baker ahead of time to get the best care possible. 

Consider Your Budget 

Try to have a budget in mind for when you’re ready to order your custom cake. A lot of factors come into play when deciding the final price of the cake. Size, garnishes, designs, and time are all considered when determining what you’ll end up paying. If you choose to order from a professional bakery, know that you’ll be paying a different price than the standard grocery store custom cake. Those cakes are mass-produced But at a private bakery, you’ll be receiving a more personal cake designed completely for you. 

Ask About Transportation 

If your cake is being delivered to your event space from the bakery, it’s wise to ask how it will be delivered. You want to ensure that your custom cake will arrive safely. Handling a custom cake also takes a lot of patience and some extra time. You’ll want to consider this as well when deciding what time your cake should arrive at your event space. 

With these extra tips ordering a custom cake for your next event will be a fun and exciting experience without the unnecessary party planning stress. Sweet Melissa Patisserie is ready to make your cake dreams come true. Visit us at 56 Payne Road Lebanon, New Jersey. Or contact our staff by calling (908) 323-2460 today!