The Importance of Mixing Methods in Your Baking

Baking is an art and we love perfecting our craft to produce delicious treats while helping others do the same!  There are some specific skill sets you need to master baking.  One important skill to learn quickly is how to choose from all the different methods of mixing.  Each type of batter and ingredient requires a different way of mixing to ensure the final texture is just right.  We’re here to help you understand all the methods and when to use each one.

Stirring baking mix in a bowl


This can be done using several different instruments from an electric mixer to simpler tools like spoons, whisks, and rubber spatulas.  This method is ideal when you’re mixing a batter and need all the ingredients to be distributed evenly.


This is vital when you’re mixing delicate ingredients.  You’ll want to use a balloon whisk or rubber spatula to fold one texture into another like adding whipped cream into a batter.


Beating will quickly mix your ingredients while adding air or gluten depending on what you’re mixing.  If you’re baking bread, mixing for an extended period creates more gluten for your final product, while meringues get their lightness from lots of air.


Pie crusts and pastries require this method to incorporate fats into dry ingredients.  Often cold butter is added to the dry ingredients.  You can use your hands, a pastry cutter, or a paddle attachment on a mixer to successfully cut fat into a dough.


This is done to combine softened fats (butter, shortening, etc.) with sugar while adding in air.  The paddle attachment on your mixer will be necessary to add in enough air with the right amount of speed for proper creaming.


Gluten is necessary for some products to provide them with structure.  The more you knead, the more gluten there will be.  This can be done by hand if you’re able to keep up a steady rhythm.  Using a dough hook on your mixer will make the process much simpler!


You’ll want to use your whip attachment for your mixer or a whisk to forcibly add air to your mixture.  This is a necessary skill for making perfect American buttercream icing.


This is one of the simplest and most basic mixing methods.  Use a whisk, spoon, or rubber spatula to mix your ingredients by hand.


You should be sifting all your dry ingredients to remove any lumps and add in air.  Rotating sifters are a great tool for this, but you can use a mesh strainer as well.

Each of these methods has a different purpose and will give you a different final product.  Visit us at Sweet Melissa Patisserie for the finest treats and pastries! Find us located at 56 Payne Road in Lebanon or reach us by phone at 908-323-2460!

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