Perfect Wine and Pastry Pairings

Sweet Melissa Patisserie has been voted best bakery in New Jersey and we simply cannot wait to show you why.  Our French-inspired cookies, cakes, pastries, and tarts exude refinement thanks to the top-of-the-line quality ingredients and care we put into each of our baked goods.  We love pairing our delectable pastries with a glass of wine to sip on and are here to share our favorites with you!

One of our favorite couplings is malbec with chocolate.  Be it a decadent chocolate tart or a moist, dense chocolate cake, malbec compliments the chocolate perfectly thanks to its notes of blackberry, black cherry, raspberry, and plum.  

Pastries at Sweet Melissa Patisserie

If you’re more inclined to choose a fruity pastry like an apple strudel or slice of fruit pie, your perfect pairing will be a glass of crisp chardonnay.  This white wine will enhance the sweetness of soft-baked fruit thanks to its slight acidity, enhancing your dessert experience like no other.

Finally, light, buttery, flaky pastries such as croissants will do best beside a Chenin blanc.  A cold glass of this white wine is the ideal companion to the light flaky layers.  It will complement rather than overpower.  The dryness of the Chenin blanc means it won’t be too sweet or overwhelming for your delicate croissant.

We don’t just offer sweet pastries; we also specialize in savory bites that do just as well with a nice glass of wine.  Dive into a slice of one of our rich quiches and pair it with a bright Sauvignon blanc.  It is sure to excite your taste buds and have you reaching for more.

We can customize any of our creations to your liking, no matter the occasion.  Come in for a treat today and talk to our highly qualified staff to set up catering for your next event!  We know that once you’ve allowed yourself the pleasure of tasting our fine offerings, you’ll be hooked. Sweet Melissa Patisserie is located at 56 Payne Road in Lebanon, and we can be reached at 908-323-2460.