Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

Should you use baking soda or baking powder when creating delicious culinary delights like those made at Sweet Melissa Patisserie? Why would that even matter? The difference boils down to whether your other ingredients require acid to activate leavening. Baking powder does not need the acid, while baking soda does. Foods like blueberry muffins or cut-out sugar cookies use baking powder, and, therefore, do not need any acid as a catalyst. Baking soda, used for snickerdoodles and Irish soda bread, involves the interaction of acidic agents. So, it all depends on which types of pastries you wish to make.

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The Importance of Mixing Methods in Your Baking

Baking is an art and we love perfecting our craft to produce delicious treats while helping others do the same!  There are some specific skill sets you need to master baking.  One important skill to learn quickly is how to choose from all the different methods of mixing.  Each type of batter and ingredient requires a different way of mixing to ensure the final texture is just right.  We’re here to help you understand all the methods and when to use each one.

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Make Delicious Pastry Cream!

Many people feel intimidated when it comes to baking, cooking, and other types of food preparation. This is most likely due to the fact that our lives and careers, along with keeping up with all of our kids’ activities, have left us less time to spend in the kitchen than our parents and grandparents. 

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Perfect Wine and Pastry Pairings

Sweet Melissa Patisserie has been voted best bakery in New Jersey and we simply cannot wait to show you why.  Our French-inspired cookies, cakes, pastries, and tarts exude refinement thanks to the top-of-the-line quality ingredients and care we put into each of our baked goods.  We love pairing our delectable pastries with a glass of wine to sip on and are here to share our favorites with you!

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Four qualities of the perfect croissant

Who doesn’t love the taste of a delicious, warm, fresh-baked croissant? It goes perfectly with nearly anything. For breakfast, it can be paired with jams or preserves. For lunch, you might want it wrapped around turkey and Swiss or ham and cheddar. And for supper is can be the perfect bread companion for your entrée. 

But making the perfect croissant can be a little tricky. So the folks here at Sweet Melissa Patisserie wanted to give you 4 ways to tell when yours is there:

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5 Baking activities to do with your kids

Sweet Melissa Patisserie was voted the Best Bakery in New Jersey, so it is safe to say we know a thing or two about baking! With summer just around the corner, kids will be having more free time that needs to be filled with fun and wholesome activities. Baking is the perfect activity to do with kids of all ages. Not only is baking fun and delicious, it also helps boost kids’ confidence and teaches them useful life skills. Here are five baking activities you can do with your kids:

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Welcome to New Jersey’s Best Bakery!

Clinton Township’s Sweet Melissa Patisserie is known far and wide for being one of the most delicious bakeries, impressing even the most particular of food critics. The bakery has been awarded numerous accolades, including the Zagat award of “Best Tarts and Pies” in all of New York, and Food & Wine called the business “One of the best pastry shops in all of New York.” Talk about impressive!

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A local ‘gem’ wins N.J.’s best bakery showdown

Sweet Melissa's Patisserie in Lebanon NJ wins best bakery

December 21, 2017​ | Website: | By Peter Genovese It’s official – Sweet Melissa Patisserie in Clinton Township is New Jersey’s best bakery. The charming little cafe, with its delectable French-inspired cakes, pastries, tarts and cookies, bested nine other finalists in our epic month-and-a-half-long search. Melissa Murphy Rafano stood in shock as we walked … Read more