May 17th is World Baking Day

Did you know that there are estimated to be more than 168,890 bakers in the United States, with some of the best bakers working at Sweet Melissa Patisserie? At our patisserie, baking is one of our favorite activities, which is why we will have a range of delectable treats available on World Baking Day. 

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Yet, on May 17th, we want to encourage you to get into the kitchen and bake your heart out. To help you with your baking journey on World Baking Day; we want to share with you a few of the best recipes you should try from different parts of the world. The delectable baked goods you make can be shared with friends, family, and co-workers, so why not put on your baking hat and start experimenting. 

Here Are Five Recipes That You Should Consider Trying On World Baking Day

You don’t need to be a baking expert to try your hand at baking something new or out of your comfort zone this World Baking Day. 

So why not try out one of the recipes we have mentioned below and then visit us to try a few of the scrumptious treats we have baked specifically for World Baking Day. 

  1. Baklava – Turkey

Believed to have been first invented in Turkey during the intriguing Ottoman empire, baklava is a traditional pastry dessert known for its incredibly rich and sweet flavor and flaky texture. Interestingly, many Mediterranean countries have their own versions of baklava, so depending on your tastes, you can choose a baklava recipe that appeals to you. 

  1. Buttery Croissants – France

One of the most popular savory deserts globally is the buttery French croissants. Croissants are made from a flakey, buttery, French viennoiserie pastry, and the Austrian kipferl uniquely inspires their shape. Today there are many versions of the french croissant to suit varied tastes, so whether you’re in the mood for a tasty chocolate croissant or a delectable melt in your mouth buttery croissant, you can make it this World Baking Day. 

  1. Black Forest Pudding Cake – Germany

Germany is well known for its interesting desserts, so if you’re in the mood to bake something wholly different from the norm, why not try and bake a black forest pudding cake. This type of cake is the perfect amalgamation of cherry liquor, whipped cream frosting, chocolate, and fresh cherries. Trust us, it not only looks decadent but actually tastes delicious too. 

  1. Churros – Spain

Another popular dessert throughout the world is Churros. Although this recipe originated in Spain, there are numerous versions of this pastry dessert. Additionally, even though they are uber easy to make as they only require a simple choux pastry, hot oil, and cinnamon sugar to make, this fried dough recipe is worth trying. We recommend serving it hot with chocolate dipping sauce for a truly Spanish experience. 

  1. Banoffee Cake – England

The English have their fair share of delicious baked goods you have to try, but today we’re not talking about scones and tea. Instead, we want you to try baking a traditional English banoffee cake. These cakes are made with fresh bananas, toffee, and cream. Yet, what’s interesting is that they have a buttery biscuit base made with butter and crushed cookies. 

Visit Us At Sweet Melissa Patisserie This World Baking Day On May 17th

May 17th is World Baking Day, and we want you to visit us for a mouth-watering treat and Sweet Melissa Patisserie. We have been proudly voted the best bakery in New Jersey for a good reason so consider trying one of our desserts that are sure to impress. 

If you want to speak with us about a special order or learn what we could have available, you can contact us. Otherwise, visit us at 56 Payne Road Lebanon, New Jersey, on May 17th this year!

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