Latte or Cappuccino Lover?

Coffee can get complicated. There are countless types of roasts, blends, and recipes out there. So, are you a latte lover or cappuccino enthusiast?

When you head to your local coffee shop, you will probably notice lattes and cappuccinos on the menu. These espresso drinks are delicious, but what’s the difference between them?

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First, a latte is a type of coffee beverage made with espresso and a large amount of steamed milk. Lattes are unique from other types of coffees because of the texture of the milk. The milk is steamed until it has the shine and consistency of fresh paint. This makes the beverage velvety with a fine foam on the surface.


Now a cappuccino only uses half as much milk as a latte. However, the volume of the liquid doubles in size because of a different milk-steaming technique. More air is introduced to the milk, which produces more microfoam. Because of this, cappuccinos tend to have three distinct and equal layers. The first is the espresso, which is at the bottom. Next is the steamed milk in the middle. Lastly, the rich and airy froth sits on top.

Latte vs Cappuccino

Both lattes and cappuccinos are made with espresso coffee and steamed milk. The difference between the two is the steaming process of the milk. While both contain a similar amount of caffeine, cappuccinos have more of a coffee taste because they use less milk. Depending on your preference, a latte or a cappuccino may be more your style. If you prefer sweeter coffee beverages, a latte may be more for you. This is because the steaming process of milk sweetens the flavor and lattes contain more steamed milk. However, if you enjoy the natural flavor of coffee more, a cappuccino will suit your taste better.

Additionally, both beverages are similar in how healthy they are. However, if you’re looking to consume a lower amount of calories with your beverage, a cappuccino is lower in calories because it contains less milk. On the other hand, if you’re looking to drink more milk to benefit from its vitamins and nutrients, a latte is the choice to make.

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