Enjoy a Slice on National Cake Day!

In an age where every event has a holiday and is celebrated with gusto and enthusiasm, it’s only natural that everyone’s favorite celebratory dessert has a day dedicated to its existence. Cake certainly has a profound place in historical lore. While it’s debatable whether Marie Antoinette ever uttered the phrase “Let them eat cake” before having an unfortunate run-in with a guillotine, no one has to tell somebody twice to enjoy a slice of dessert.

National Cake Day on November 26

History of the Cake 

The origins of cake are somewhat vague and undetermined.

While it’s known that the word is derived from the Scandinavian term ‘kaka’, it’s difficult to pinpoint where the dessert originated. It’s believed that the dish first made its appearance in Ancient Greece, with Plakous. This word was later changed to Placenta by the Romans and was typically baked either inside, or on top of, a pastry case.

While western cultures have reappropriated the term to mean something else entirely, the dish is still served on the Greek island of Lesbos, and is considered a close relative of Baklava, a Greek pastry served with honey and nuts.

Necessity is the Mother of Depression 

Today, the sight of a birthday cake’s ingredients being contained in a box is nothing out of the ordinary. This practice didn’t come out of convenience, but rather economic hardship.

During the great depression in the 1930s, American’s who faced hard times were marketed cake mix in boxes. It was an effective way of getting cheaper food to a country that periodically faced food shortages. During the economic boom of the 1950s, these sales plummeted as American’s took to making homemade cakes and decorating them themselves.

Celebrating Deliciously 

The perfect way to celebrate National Cake Day is also the most obvious—get out your carving knife and cut yourself the most decadent of slices! If a cake isn’t readily available, you can always bake one yourself, or take a trip to the local bakery, and they’ll be more than happy to satisfy your need. National Cake Day falls on Nov. 26th of every year, so it pairs well with Thanksgiving.

Decadence and Delights 

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