Do You Know You Can Make Your Own Vanilla Extract?

Do you know you can make your own vanilla extract? 

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract, made from vanilla beans and vodka, is one of the key ingredients that goes into cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and loads of other baked goods, but guess what? It only takes about 10 minutes to procure some of your own from scratch.

You’ll need just a few items: either Grade A Vanilla Beans or Grade B Vanilla Beans, as well as either vodka, bourbon, brandy, or rum. As the classification implies, the Grade A beans are more premium, but they are also more expensive, and you can get the job done with Grade B (extract) beans just as effectively. It may simply take a little longer to allow Grade B beans to work their magic.

What about the liquor? Here, you want to choose an 80-proof version of one of above-mentioned varieties. Vodka works best because of its mostly neutral taste.

Once you have the ingredients, the only other thing you need is a good container or bottle. Swing-top bottles are recommended because the vanilla beans are lengthy and require something shaped that way to accommodate them. Consider using a funnel to pour the alcohol (which doesn’t have to be pricey liquor either) into the bottle without spilling.

That’s all you need to do. For best results, let the vanilla extract steep for at least a month (or even a year) and let it basically age like a fine wine into perfection.

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