Celebrate National Black Forest Cake Day

Get ready for National Black Forest Cake Day! March 28th gives us a fun way to indulge and honor one of our favorite German cakes made from cream, cherries, chocolate, and a smidgen of alcohol. Just for fun, let’s look at the history of black forest cake.

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National Black Forest Cake Day

How do you make this delicious cake?

It’s pretty simple actually. Black forest cake starts with lots of chocolate sponge cake. Then you usually top it with maraschino cherries, whipped cream, and more chocolate. The cherries, if you choose the right kind, might give it a hint of alcohol, but not too much. Some bakers will add brandy, typically German kirschwasser, to it as well.

So, where does black forest cake originate? It goes back to a German town with a rather interesting name, Bad Godesberg. We understand that the first black forest cake was baked there in the 17th century.

Some have suggested that the appearance and name of the cake came from women’s fashion in Germany. The cake’s design stems from a woman’s outfit consisting of a black dress, with a white top half, and a red pom-pom hat.

Like many other foods and pastries, this dessert didn’t become popular immediately. It didn’t catch on until the early 20th century, when pastry chef Josef Keller perfected it in his bakery. Black forest cake was a big hit in the town of Tubingen during the early Great Depression, when they stumbled across Keller’s version.

Nowadays, lots of folks love this cake, and you can even make a variation of this known as a white forest cake. Even the maraschino cherries come in elaborate colors such as gold, yellow, blue, and green.

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