Build a Cake like a Pro with These Tips

Building a cake comes down to three important stages: leveling, splitting, and filling. Here are seven steps to help you build and decorate your cake:

Icing a Cake
  1. Apply a small smear of buttercream, the same size as the cake, to the cake board. This will prevent sticking.
  2. Using the cake pan as your guide, use a serrated knife to make a level cut at the top of the cake. It should make it even with the cake pan.
  3. Using a ruler, find the vertical center point of your cake, and then mark it by lightly scoring it with a knife.
  4. Place your hand on top of the cake to keep it steady. Then make a horizontal cut all the way through the cake.
    • Now you should be ready to fill it.
  5. You’ll make a dam around the perimeter of the cake with the buttercream. This is done so that you can hold the filling in place.
  6. Fill the cake with your filler of choice, top it with the next cake round, and then let it sit in the refrigerator for at least two hours.
  7. Apply frosting

These are the basic steps for how to level, split, and fill a cake. Always remember to chill the cake for the requisite time (even overnight in the fridge), so that you avoid having a lopsided or messy cake.

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