Interviewer:  I am here with some new business owners in the area--and winners tonight as well!  This is Melissa and Chris; you're the owners of Sweet Melissa Patisserie; tell us where the business is located.


Melissa:  We are in Lebanon, New Jersey 56 Payne Road right off [Route] 31.


Chris:  We’re also in the Stockton Farmers Market.


Melissa:  That’s right.


Interviewer:  So tell us how the business got started.


Melissa: Well, we started nearly 18 years ago in Brooklyn.  We were there for 16 years or so with a few different locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and then we bought a little farm out here and had a child and moved out here and started up again.


Interviewer:  Amazing! What do you think of the area since you’re from the Big Apple?  Has it been wonderful living here?


Chris:  Well, we've been out here a very long time.  We would usually come out this way with a camper and ride horses.  She’s an equestrian (horse rider), and so we've been out here really long time.


Interviewer: And the business itself, Sweet Melissa Patisserie, has been open little less than a year.  When did you open?


Melissa:  May 25th.


Interviewer:  So you’re almost at a year!


Melissa: Yes, it’s next week!  We have to go celebrate that!


Interviewer: Congratulations--that’s wonderful!


Melissa: Thank you.  


Interviewer:  So tell us a little bit about the winnings.  You won for best brunch…


Melissa:  Yes! Best brunch and best bakery.


Interviewer:  Amazing. So what are some of your favorite things on your brunch menu?


Chris:  I’ll say brunch.  She’ll say pastry.  


Melissa: He does the brunch and I do the pastries.


Interviewer:  So what’s your favorite thing to cook for brunch?


Chris:  We keep it simple.  We keep it fresh. We use all local ingredients, local fresh...


Melissa: You have to about the bacon.


Chris: So we have a thick-cut bacon, it’s probably about two inches thick, and then it cooks down to about a half inch.  We do croque monsieur, croque madame, we do…


Melissa: Omelettes du jour… everything we make is homemade.  We make our own granola, creme fresh, we make our own yogurt…everything.  


Interviewer: My mouth is watering already.  This is amazing. Now I know that you are a pastry chef as well Melissa--and author--tell us about that.


Melissa:  I wrote The Sweet Melissa Baking Book back in 2008, and it was named one of NPR's best 10 cookbooks of the year.  We've been featured in Food & Wine magazine and New York Magazine and Bon Appetit and and all kinds of things.


Interviewer:  That’s wonderful.  Well, congratulations, it sounds like you guys have a wonderful business going here in Hunterdon.  We’re so glad to have you here at The Bash. What do you think of it so far?


Melissa:  So far, so good!  The view is beautiful.


Chris: We’re having a great time.


Interviewer: Well congratulations on your win.  Have a great night.


Melissa:  Thank you.


Chris:  You too.  

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