5-stars has
deemed us the
Best Bakery in New Jersey!

Recipient of New York’s
French Culinary Institute's
“Most Outstanding Alumni”

Zagat Marketplace for
“Best Tarts and Pies”
in all of NY

HC Chamber
of Commerce
“Most Promising New Business 2017”

"One of the best
pastry shops in all of
New York." - Food & Wine

2008-09 The Knot
"Best of Weddings"
as voted by local brides.

2008-09 The Knot
"Best of Weddings"
as voted by local brides.


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"I've been lucky enough to sample Melissa's amazing pastries for over a year now. I visited her new bakery & cafe today, and it was nothing short of amazing. The decor is absolutely beautiful. The service was great, and everyone was super nice. I ordered the salad lyonnaise, and it was AMAZING. Seriously, even if it seems like something you wouldn't normally try, you HAVE to have it. It will change your life. For dessert, I had a walnut oatmeal raisin cookie which was delectable. It was soft, but not too soft, and tasted amazing. I am completely impressed (not that I thought it wouldn't be an amazing place), and I highly recommend you try the cafe out if you are in the area. I know I will be stopping by often since my barn is right down the road!"


"Sweet Melissa just did vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for my 2 years old's birthday party with a floral theme. Not only were they beautiful, but they were also delicious. Some of my guests proclaimed them to be the best cupcakes they have ever had! I agree : ) "


Aside from the desserts all being top-notch, the staff has always been very friendly and helpful.
I have only tried a fraction of the goodies in their case, and none of them have disappointed! I will admit, though, that their eclairs are my absolute favorite. They've also shattered my image of what a croissant should taste like... I'll never be able to enjoy another one from somewhere else now!

There was an incident where I left without a part of my order, and when I called in (embarrassed), the staff member realized it and had already set it aside for me. It seems silly- but the fact that he had left a note about it in case I came back when he wasn't there, was a huge deal for me. It showed me that he clearly cares about his job and the customers of their establishment.


"I have always heard about Sweet Melissa Patisserie and never had a chance to try it. My husband is from Europe and believes me, I have been exposed to fabulous bakeries by visiting Italy and France quite often. I HAVE FOUND A COMPARABLE BAKERY:) An adorable place with wonderful breakfast and lunch dishes and the baked bread and sweets are just amazing and fresh. I have never seen such beautiful cupcakes anywhere. The owner came right over and introduced himself and the staff was alert and engaging. Can't wait to go again!"

— Sherri

"I absolutely love the filled brioche. I've ordered for guest breakfast and everyone raved about them. Also, the croissants are crispy and perfect. I haven't been a bakery fan until this!!!! Can't wait until you open. Just wish it was in Clinton. But I'll take the ride to Payne road."