2021 best dessert trends

The world of baked goods is always evolving, and the year 2021 was packed with dessert trends. Here are the best trends of the year!

A custom cake with zebra stripes and swirls

Buttercream Cakes

Bakers got creative in 2021 and turned their spatulas into their paintbrushes.

Angled and tapered spatulas were used to paint buttercream onto cakes, creating a stunning appearance that resembled an actual painting.

These cakes were almost too pretty to eat!

Woven Cakes

Woven cakes were also a popular design trend of 2021 that we couldn’t get enough of.

These cakes were made using the basketweave technique. Fringe textures, earth tones, and unique textures worked together to create eye-catching cakes in 2021.

Rainbow-Inspired Dessert

The past couple of years have been dark, but pastries can brighten one’s day. Rainbows were a beautiful dessert to be found that boosted our moods and inspired us. Rainbow color schemes could be found on cakes and piped rainbows could be found on cupcakes.

New Lambeth Cake

Another dessert trend we saw in 2021 that was actually a trend from the 1930s was New Lambeth.

The ornate style of cake decorating is named after Joseph Lambeth, who popularized the style many years ago. New Lambeth involves overpipping and creating overlapping scrolls. New Lambeth is most commonly used during special occasions.

Dot Art Cakes

Creating unique textures on a cake takes the baked good to a new level. We saw dot art throughout the year and couldn’t get enough. Dot art adds a bright and eye-catching appearance to any ordinary cake design.

Animal Print Dessert

Animal print is always coming in and out of style when it comes to clothing. However, this year, animal print was trending in the baked good world.

Using cheetah print, tiger print, and zebra print in baked good designs is a great way to enhance a themed birthday party or add some wild style to your dessert table.

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